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Our Supporters



We thank these wonderful supporters in 2013 whose generosity enabled us to present opera in the theatre and the schools, to acquaint adults with the beauty of live opera in intimate settings, and enable low-income groups to experience the arts, through their sponsorship.

Thank you. We could not do it without you.



Kanbar Philanthropic Trust



Andy Bellotti







Andrew Belotti Charitable Trust


The Bernard Osher Foundation

County of Marin

Diane B. Wilsey Properties

Hilda Namm



Evan Gary Hirsch

The Fenwick Foundation

Fullerton Family Trust

Sausalito Art Festival Foundation

Paul Sack Properties

Gideon and Cheryl Sorokin

Roberta Wain-Becker



Glenn Becker

Enrique Ferrer and Nellie Timmers

Neil Hennessy, Hennessy Advisors, Inc.

Florence Miner

Maura Morey

Ruth W. Rosen

Prager Port Winery

Robert Mondavi Winery

Notable Talent Client Trust


Up to $500

AT&T United Way Employee Giving

Veronica Abgarian

Alexandra Abgarian

Karen Abgarian

Maria Aguila

Victor Aguila

Sophie Aldrich

Guitti Alexander

Elena Alioto

Mary Allaire, Allaire School

Mona and Joglinder Anand

Bill and Karen Arnett

Elizabeth Arnold

Balloons by Design

Bank of Marin

Christopher and Catherine Barnes

Joan and Kirk Beales

Evelyn Becker

Meagan and Ben Becker

Charlotte Blank

John and Milada Bottenberg

Phyllis Bragdon

Patrick Brennan.

Mitch Brown

Faith and  Stephen Brown

Stockton Buck

Kenneth and Ann Bugher

Nancy Burns

Rachel Calvert

Christine Campbell

Natalia and Mark Casillas

Charles Caveness

Danielle Chavanon

John Chiappolini

Mariel Claxton

Joan Clemmons

Lois Wagner Cline

Katheryn Collins

Dena M. Cornet

William Cramer

Roberta and Clifford M. Detz

Epicurean Group

Peter and Ludmilla Eggleton

Juan and Patricia Engel

Mollie Eschen

Lois Feller, Feller Violin Studios

Charles Ferguson

Joanne M. Findorak

Sharon Fisher

Margritha Fliegauf

Virginia Formichi

Thomas Friebel

Ghillotti Brothers, Inc.

Nancy L. Gershman

Florence E. Giamona

Elizabeth Gleason

Bertram  & Suzanne Gordon

Robert Greene

Arthur Grinstead

David Grossman

Jane L. Hall

Judith Hanks

Cecile Hawkins

Ann-Eve Hazen

Janet and Michael Heon

Evelyn Hintermann

John and Wendy How

Robert A. and C. Jean Humphrey

Betty Hutson

Trish Intemann

JZMAX Realty, Inc.

Mark and Nancy Jacobs

Barbara A. Jagiello

Mary Jean M.  Jawetz

Marian M. Jung

Kiwanis Club of Novato

Inna Ki

Maxine King

Ruth King

Ludmila Kisselva-Eggleton

Gerald L. Knopoff

Marty Komotopoulos

Henri K. and Jeanne K. Lese

Michael Lester

Ellie Leswing

Mary Levin

Aaron and Nyla Levy

Leslie Leyland

Pamela Lichtenwalner

Shirley Long

Margot Fraser Fund

Marinwood Market

Ellanor A. Malinowski

Griffith and Violet Marshall

Dr. Robert McIvor

Christine McMasters

Jona Medeiros

Jerry Medeiros

James Meehan

Mill Valley Community Center

Dolores W. and M.L. Mizis

Karen Molden

Maurice and Jeannine Monson

Novato Lions Club

Mark Northcross

Susan O’Connell

Glorraine Obertello

Laura Zarco and Stephen H. Olson

Pacific Heights Cleaners

Helen Paul

Graciela Del C. Pera

Joy and James Phoenix

Valerie Pinkert

Imogene Prager

Prager Port Winery and Port Works

Redwood Security Systems, Inc

Robert C. Placak & Associates, Inc.

Robert H. Greene Real Estate, Inc.

William Riedstra

Jeannette E. Rodgers

Katie Rooney

Aria Rooney

Christina Rose

Jean Roybal

Bruce Saldinger and Lynne Royer

Michelle Vycital Ruff

Leslie Russo

Vivian L. and Michael Sachs

Pamela Schaefer

Elizabeth and Martin Secker

Heinrich Secker

Natalia Serbinova

Neil and Judy Sherman

Wendy Simon

Branimir Skic

Patricia Smith

Joseph and Ella Spinelli

David Stern

Katherine Styles

Dieter Tede

The Magic Flute Music Store, Ltd.

Tiburon Chamber of Commerce

The Croatian Club

The Redwoods Retirement Community

Theresa Ulin

Kristina Veaco

Steven J. Weber

Bruce Webster

Ona Weizmann

Westameria Bank

Hiala T. Witt

Wendy Wong

Nina Yatsyno