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Our Volunteers

Volunteer Guild ~ Behind-the-Scenes

Maria Aguila

Christina Aweau

Meagan Becker

John Bottenberg

Tracy Bell Redig

Paula Carp

John Cepelak

Veronica Champion

Senay Chandler

Joan Clemmons

Susyn Elise Duris

Enrique Ferrer

Sheryl Glasser

Torgeir Hansson

Desmond Iman Jeffries

Gerald Knopoff

Marty Komitopoulos

Leslie Leyland

Karen Molden

Exception Mason

Jill Maasberg

Jerry Mendes

Laura Miller

Chika Nagata

Hilda Namm

Peter Nielsen

Maryann Pearson

Graciela Pera

John Provan

Christina Rose

Michelle and Richard Ruff

Leslie Russo

John Shearman

Patricia Smith

Dmitri Stroganov

Nelly Timmers

Katherine Whipple

Kyoko Wills

Simon Wright

Dirk Wyse

Intern Homestay Hosts, 2014

Cherie and Gideon Sorokin

Christina Rose and John Cepelak

Interns 2014 from China:

Nancy Wang Qianwen

Stephen Jiang